BALLET REVOLUCIÓN – The dance sensation is returning to Europe with a new show!

Exuberant energy, daring jumps and sensual moves between ballet and street dance meet the irresistible live sounds of international club hits, including pop, R & B, hip-hop and fiery Latin-American rhythms: BALLET REVOLUCIÓN thrills and keeps audiences on the edge of their seats! From Sydney, via Singapore, to London, Paris and Berlin, audiences just cannot get enough of the infectious joie-de-vivre which the Cuban dancers express so powerfully with their sinewy bodies. Now, the explosive performers are returning to Europe with a brand new show. Be prepared for breathtaking firework dance!

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BALLET REVOLUCIÓN – The dance sensation is returning to Europe with a new show!

Exuberant energy, daring jumps and sensual moves between ballet and street dance meet the irresistible live sounds of international club hits, including pop, R & B, hip-hop and fiery Latin-American rhythms: BALLET REVOLUCIÓN thrills and keeps audiences on the edge of their seats! From Sydney, via Singapore, to London, Paris and Berlin, audiences just cannot get enough of the infectious joie-de-vivre which the Cuban dancers express so powerfully with their sinewy bodies. Now, the explosive performers are returning to Europe with a brand new show. Be prepared for breathtaking firework dance!

Fuelled by the phenomenal seven-member BALLET REVOLUCIÓN live band, some of the world’s most talented dancers release their uninhibited love of movement and enjoyment of life. They mix the most varied of dance styles to create an electrifying performance full of sensuality and impressive athleticism. With international No.1 hits from the likes of Pitbull, Usher, Rihanna, David Guetta, Beyoncé, Hozier and many others, the dancers and the band unleash a veritable fireball of emotion and energy. “An irresistible Cuban cocktail of irrepressible sensuality” raved The Australian from Sydney, “when the Cuban dancers get going with their athletic bodies and fiery temperaments, then it gets really hot,” enthused the Tagesspiegel and the Bild Zeitung: “A wild and electrifying show which exudes energy and positively crackles with eroticism.”


Osmar Salazar HernandezMusical Director, Bass

Osmar (Chiky) Salazar Hernandez is an international bass guitarist and music producer whose talents have carried him across the globe to Europe, Japan, Africa, Asia, Australia and North America. A master in various styles, Osmar is a skilled Funk, R&B, Latin, Rock, and Jazz musician. He has performed and recorded over 15 albums with numerous international artists including Yulien Oviedo, Elmer Ferrer, Rember Duharte, Christian Scott, David Sanchez, Steffon Harris, Luis Represas, Ogguere, Oscar Valdez, among others.
Multi-talented Osmar has composed various styles of music from traditional Cuban music through to contemporary forms that are typical of his own style. Some of his songs are included in the international shows – Lady Salsa and King of Salsa in which he performs as a member of a ten-strong band. His international career was launched when he was voted number one Mastery and Virtuous Bass Guitarist at the Jojazz Cuban Jazz Festival in Havana. Since then he has toured the world and is a popular special guest performing with numerous bands and on various television channels in Cuba the land of music..

Aaron CashChoreographer

Originally from Brisbane, Aaron Cash is a multitalented performer and one of the original Tap Dogs. Early in his career, world renowned choreographer Kenny Ortega (Dirty Dancing and High School Musical 1 & 2) cast Aaron in Cher’s Love Hurts Tour. This opportunity culminated in an impressive 10-year touring relationship as Cher’s lead dancer. His amazing talent drew the attention of many high-profile artists in the industry. In the early 1990’s, Twyla Tharp hand-picked Aaron to become her personal Pas de Deux partner and the legendary Mikhail Baryshnikov added Aaron to their world tour. His innovative and creative skills as a performer, choreographer, and artistic consultant are now highly sought after the world over. He has consulted in a variety of mediums, from his work with Wet Design (the company responsible for the Belagio fountain in Las Vegas) on their fountain at Steven Wynn’s latest luxury hotel in Macao, China to serving as the personal Tango coach for Jolie Richardson on Nip/Tuck. Aaron is the face of Johnny Walker’s worldwide advertising campaign “Human – Keep Walking” and recently completed the role of the Matador in the Los Angeles Opera’s production of La Traviata starring world-renowned soprano Rene Fleming. He has been featured in films such as Titanic and Hook, the recently released The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Bolden. His television credits include Scrubs and Nip/Tuck and the series debut of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, just to name a few.
In 2014, Aaron adds another success to his on-screen career: he is one of the judges of the popular TV-show So You Think You Can Dance Australia. Together with Paula Abdul, Jason Gilkison and Shannon Holtzapffel he sets out to find Australia’s most talented dancer.
He travels the world extensively, hosting, coaching and teaching choreographic and dance seminars.

Roclan Gonzales ChavezChoreographer

Born in Cuba, Roclan Gonzalez Chavez studied at the prestigious Escuela Nacionales in Havana, graduating in 1996 with a distinction in both contemporary and folk dance and was the only person in his class to be awarded a post-graduate scholarship to study choreography. Since then he has worked with most of Cuba‘s best known music and dance groups, including Omar Portuanda, Company Segundo, salsa big band Los Van Van and the famous Tropicana Cabaret. He is the main choreographer of the Cuban television ballet with regular performances on TV programs and state events. For the past five years, he has choreographed the national Cuban music awards, Cuba disco and many music videos for top Cuban bands.
His recent international tours include choreographies for the hit shows Lady Salsa, and The Kings of Salsa, which for the last seven years have toured in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA to great critical acclaim. He has also worked extensively all over South America and studied many styles from this region, from Brazilian samba and contemporary ballet to Argentinean tango. Roclan has an unrivalled understanding of salsa and Cuban dance’s folkloric roots, which he blends with breathtaking contemporary moves producing a unique dance fusion. He is hailed as one of the most talented and versatile young choreographers to have come out of Cuba in the last decade.

Jorge GonzalezCostume Design

He is the king of high heels and the „Chicas Walk“ has long been his trademark. Whilst still a student the life of the native Cuban Jorge González turned to the topic of fashion:
In parallel to his nuclear ecology studies in Bratislava and during his extended stays in Prague, Jorge already made his fi rst contacts with the fashion business. He fi rst worked as a model and stylist, and later as a choreographer and organizer of fashion shows, including a show for President Havel’s family. After completing his university degree, he moved from Prague to Hamburg and in Germany, the largest fashion market in Europe, he quickly made a name for himself. Jorge was hired for relevant campaigns and collaborated with international designers and brands.
In 2009, he took over as catwalk coach and choreographer training the model candidates in the TV casting show „Germany‘s next Topmodel by Heidi Klum“ where he quickly became the viewers’ favourite. In spring 2011, Jorge launched his fi rst own fashion collection under the name „Chicas Walk“ in collaboration with the fashion house bonprix and was so successful that it was sold out after just three weeks.
After numerous TV appearances and the release of his song „Don’t Touch My Shoes“ Jorge has been appearing on the RTL TV show „Let‘s Dance“ as a jury member, since April 2013. Here he is committed to his second great passion, dance.
In a sense, Jorge has always moved like a salsa dancer through life – hard to believe that his path to the big glitzy world was long, and he had to keep his chin up more than once. For the first time he recounts all this as well as how he managed to become the man he is in his new book „Hola Chicas! On the catwalk of my life,“ which was published in March 2013 by Heyne Verlag.
He also works as a stylist and image consultant for celebrities and is involved in the development of communication concepts for well-known brands.
Jorge Gonzalez, whose fi rst career choice as a little child was to be a dancer, has been particularly happy to be able to combine his passions for fashion and dance as a costume designer in Ballet Revolución since 2012.
His motto: „How you go, you go through life!“

Mark BradyProducer

Mark Brady is a leading Australian producer with a passion for making live entertainment infused with cultural richness and diversity accessible to western audiences.
Mark Brady was breathing showbiz from a young age since his family boasts a long tradition of producing and promoting artists worldwide. Mark’s grandfather was a major venue owner in Berlin during the roaring twenties when the cabaret era fl ourished and he ran one of the most exclusive cabaret night clubs of that time. Mark’s father Tony Brady is recognized as one of the most respected and experienced entertainment producers/promoters in Australia and internationally. Consequently, from very early on Mark became familiar with the world of entertainment backstage. Mark was not always keen on working in the entertainment industry and resisted entering the family business, going through a fleeting romance with the notion of being a pilot. Family friends talked him out of the idea and at that point his attention was drawn to the entertainment industry.
Shortly after completing his schooling, Mark commenced working in the family agency and was involved in the booking side of the business, which gave him valuable experience in the mechanics of the industry. During this time, Mark, an accomplished pianist, was working in the agency by day and performed as a pianist by night. In his mid-twenties, Mark pursued his passion for music and worked as a full-time pianist in Vienna and Berlin in between a couple of seasons spent working in the Alps.
Upon his return to Australia, Mark returned to the business but had decided he wanted to do different projects and so he began developing the theatrical show arm of the business. Mark’s first success was Gaelforce Dance, which he co-created during the era of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. His first foray into producing proved hugely successful and Gaelforce Dance toured Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and for a period of three years Austria, Germany and Switzerland. It was during this time with Gaelforce Dance that Mark met his wife, Majella.
In London during the late 90s, Mark met Jon Lee, who took him to a West End show called Lady Salsa. It was a tiny show with a band, eight dancers and a narrator but it caught Mark’s attention. Mark collaborated with Jon Lee and director Toby Gough and together they re-produced, recreated and re-launched Lady Salsa in Australia. The production was a great success and toured most of Europe.
Motivated by the audience’s great reception of Lady Salsa and inspired by several documentaries on Cuba, Mark along with Jon Lee and Toby Gough explored Buena Vista, Havana’s famous quarter. Home to the intensely passionate music and dance for which Cuba is famous, they created an extraordinary show The Bar at Buena Vista featuring three legends from Buena Vista, who tell its history through music and dance. The Bar at Buena Vista has been touring the world for the past eight years.
In 2003, Mark was inspired by Bollywood and so he went to India with Toby Gough and was fascinated by its cultural diversity. They started writing Merchants of Bollywood viewed by over three million theatre-goers worldwide, with two successful West End seasons, fi ve star reviews in some of the world’s most respected publications such as the New York Times and the London Times. By far this has been the Brady family’s most successful production to date. Merchants of Bollywood has successfully toured around the globe and is now in its sixth year of touring. During this time, Mark also produced smaller shows such as Kings of Salsa and traditional folklore shows around regional Australia including Spirit of Ireland and Celtic Reign.
In 2008, Thomas Collien invited Mark to see Bad Boys of Dance in Zurich. Mark instantly recognised their talent and energy and in 2010, Mark presented Bad Boys of Dance to Australia in the dynamic show, Rock the Ballet, which, after touring Australia, went on to New Zealand and Asia. With Ballet Revolución Mark Brady is revisiting his love for Cuban culture.

ATA Allstar Artists PTY LTD.Producer

ATA Allstar Artists was formed by Tony Brady in 1972. As one of the founding directors, Tony Brady is recognised as one of Australia‘s most respected entertainment producer/promoters in Australia. ATA Allstar Artists is recognised as a world leader in major musical events, theatre, venue management and international concert attractions throughout the Pacific Rim region.
From 1993, Mark Brady has been a part of the team and produced a number of successful shows here in Australia and abroad including the Irish dance sensation Gaelforce Dance, which toured the USA, Asia and Europe from 1999; Lady Salsa, conceived in the late 90s and tells the legend of Trinidad Rolando, a renowned actress and singer, a queen of salsa through Cuban dance; Cuban dance show The Bar at the Buena Vista inspired by the legendary quarter of Havana – Buena Vista; choreographed by Roclan Gonzalez Chavez, Kings of Salsa, the high voltage salsa and Cuban dance show; Merchants of Bollywood, a colourful, thrilling, high-energy fusion of folk, classical, modern, Western and Indian dance forms; Spirit of Ireland and Celtic Reign, the 90 minute journey, which covers traditional Irish folk songs, popular pop hits from the Green Isle, and even a few Broadway-styled numbers; Creole Choir of Cuba, rhythms and melodies exploring protests against enslavement, ritual prayers and voodoo culture and celebrations of enduring love and freedom; Rock the Ballet, a fusion of classic technique blended with the excitement of musical theatre, hip hop, ballet, tap, contemporary, gymnastics and more; Ballet revolución, an explosive fusion of ballet, contemporary dance and modern hip-hop from the undisputed home of dance, Cuba.

Jon LeeCo-Producer

Jon Lee’s career started as a professional trumpeter working extensively in London’s West End and session scene. In 1995, he formed the jazz orchestra Echoes of Ellington that toured for two years with the Birmingham Royal Ballet’s highly acclaimed jazz ballet The Nutcracker Sweeties. The orchestra also played at all the major European jazz festivals and had a regular club spot at Ronnie Scott’s.
It was at the Edinburgh Festival in 1997, that he fi rst started producing shows and his love of Latin music led him to put on his first Cuban production Lady Salsa with Toby Gough. This show went on
to run in London’s West End for 16 months and has toured the world for the past nine years in partnership with Mark Brady of ATA Allstar Artists Pty Ltd.
Since then, Mark and Jon have produced several successful show together from Cuba including The Bar at Buena Vista, The Kings of Salsa and The Creole Choir of Cuba that have all toured around the world.
Having worked in Cuba for over 11 years now, he has gained a great insight into the music and dance of this incredible country, and Ballet Revolución is a culmination of his years working there.

BB Group GmbHProducer

There can hardly be a field more vibrant and exciting than live entertainment. It takes as much passion to produce shows and to inspire audiences as it does to dance and to perform music on stage. When Michael Brenner founded BB Promotion, the core of today’s BB Group, in 1987, he wouldn’t settle for less: his commitment to a high-quality, ambitious mix of genres, including theatre, dance, and concert productions, came from the heart. Even after Brenner’s tragic passing in 2011 the BB Group, led by a long-term management team and headed by CEO Ralf Kokemüller, has remained true to its foundations and has continued to make its mark on today's international live entertainment business.

No compromise on quality or passion – the BB Group’s motto has never been more valid: 2015 marks the beginning of a newly formed partnership between the BB Group and the world’s number one live-theatre company, the Ambassador Theatre Group Ltd. (ATG). ATG becoming majority shareholder of the BB Group means that going forward, both companies will develop their international network of theatres and shape live entertainment in Europe together. Already now the companies under the umbrella of BB Group are among the market leaders in the premium live entertainment sector in Europe. They are pioneers in the production, marketing and staging of national and international tours of musicals, shows and events, as well as in the organisation of concerts and events in the west and the southwest of Germany.

By signing international stars Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov in its first years of existence, the company acquired a unique profile as an innovative co-producer of high-class ballet and dance theatre early on. This profile continues to be developed with the presentation of major dance groups such as the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Martha Graham Dance Company, Ballet Nacional de España, Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Rambert Dance Company, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Companhia de dança Deborah Colker, and Momix, to name just a few.

The BB Group’s portfolio also includes an impressive range of music and stage shows as well as musicals, including successful international productions such as STOMP (since 1997), Tap Dogs (1998-2005), Yamato – The Drummers of Japan (since 2002), Tanguera, the world’s first tango musical (since 2007), Disney Beauty and the Beast (since 2011) or Disney The Lion King (2015).

Additionally, the BB Group has long been a successful producer of distinguished productions and co-productions at European and non-European theatres, including Queen Esther Marrow's The Harlem Gospel Singers Show (since 1991), Grease (1996-98), Saturday Night Fever (1999-2006), West Side Story (since 2003), We Will Rock You (since 2004), Chicago (2005), Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show (since 2008), CATS (2008), Hairspray (2009-2010), the original in-the-round production of CATS in a tailor-made theatre tent (2010-2013), Ballet Revolución (since 2012) and Bodyguard – Das Musical (starting november 2015).

This commitment in all areas ofupscalelive entertainment is made possible only throughtrusting relationships withlong-termnational and international partnersandcolleagues andthroughpersonal contacts withthe most brilliant creativeminds in the industry: impresarios, directors, writers, composers, rock icons, promoters, pioneers,artistic directors, producers, designers,soundperformers, choreographers, dancers, musicians, actors, singers, conductors, licensors, legends, divas ... we all share one goal: to always amaze and inspire people around the world.

Ralf KokemüllerProduzent und CEO BB Promotion

Ralf Kokemüller joined BB in 1995. Just one year later he was appointed Managing Director by Michael Brenner, the founder of the group of companies. During their close collaboration BB Group developed into one of the most successful promoters of live entertainment in Germany and Europe – while their business relationship blossomed into a true friendship. Following Michael Brenner’s tragic accidental death, this friendship has become a commitment that has bound Ralf Kokemüller even more closely to the company.

Responsible for scouting and booking, Ralf Kokemüller has cultivated long-term relationships with all relevant business partners in the industry.

Together with Michael Brenner, Ralf Kokemüller celebrated not only the successful launch of the QUEEN musical We Will Rock You in German-speaking countries, the realisation of spectacular events such as THRILLER – LIVE and tours of successful musical plays such as Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Numerous own and co-productions also saw the light of the stage during this time, among them musical plays such as the Broadway classic West Side Story, Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show, and Hairspray. His innate sense of curiosity led him to create innovative show formats such as the touring production with celebrity chef Tim Mälzer, as well as the realization of the original West End production of CATS, that was performed in Germany as theatre tent production, with which the BB Group extended its portfolio to encompass a whole new area of business.

As CEO of BB Group, Ralf Kokemüller has lost none of his taste for the new. Under his leadership the group brought the original production of Disney’s global musical hit The Lion King to Switzerland for the first time and is producing the German premiere of the original West End production of BODYGUARD – THE MUSICAL in its new permanent home in Cologne.

Michael BrennerFounder, Producer and Impresario (†)

One singular sensation
Every little step he takes.
One thrilling combination
Every move that he makes.
One smile and suddenly nobody else will do;
You know you'll never be lonely with you know who.
“One” from the musical A Chorus Line

As in the plot of the world-famous revue production of the Broadway classic A Chorus Line, which Michael Brenner brought to the German stage in an award-winning original production for the first time in 1987 – the year that BB Promotion was founded – in a similar manner he made his first steps with the most celebrated dancer of the twentieth century, Rudolf Nureyev, and the core of the ballet elite, and in the same twinkle of the eye and a generously charming nonchalance, presenting three open-air concerts with the magnificent rock icon Tina Turner.

By no means a newcomer to the entertainment industry, this event was the only accolade missing in his success record. This success was only outweighed by the personal triumph of bringing an unforgettable experience to an enthusiastic audience every evening. The path was predetermined: to achieve in an unprecedented way high artistic quality combined with financial success, a solid foundation for the BB Group, an agency operating in the international top league.

His pure passion for emotive, immersive entertainment theatre, coupled with an unerring instinct for what has style and originality on stage as well as his open admiration for fascinating artists fuelled the tireless engine that motivated Michael Brenner to take risks.

In order to establish upscale live entertainment at an appropriate level for the longer run, it was also necessary that adequate theatres and venues were available. Already in 1988, Michael Brenner won acclaim hosting the 1st Summer Festival in Cologne with the European premiere of the celebrated US production of Evita at the newly built Philharmonic Theatre. The festival, which always boasts highlights from the world dance and show business scene, evolved far beyond the region and quickly became a magnet for audiences, celebrating its 25th jubilee in 2012.

The fact that across the country the golden gates of the most prestigious theatres, opera, concert and festival halls crowned by jewels such as the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, the Dresdner Semperoper or the Hamburg Staatsoper were now open for extended guest productions by BB Promotion is ultimately due to Michael Brenner’s long-cherished dream and his personal merit, merging successfully the demands of high culture with those of sophisticated live entertainment, thus reconciling two phenomenally different genres. With this the entire industry was given the inexorable momentum to expand further in this market which opened up brand new dimensions.

Michael Brenner was first and foremost a visionary entrepreneur. His unfaltering credo was to offer a spectrum of all stripes, trendy but never banal and never picking material up arbitrarily. The same quality criteria that he had set for his precious team as benchmarks for the success of an ever-growing and expanding business applied also to him personally. Considering his vast and diverse portfolio and each and every one of his productions they were all a unique artistic achievement, whether new productions, premiering on a German stage or an international hit at some of the most prestigious theatres in capitals such as London, Paris, Vienna, New York, Tokyo or Sydney, whether newly discovered or brand new productions developed from scratch.

A top producer of successful long-standing musicals such as Grease, Saturday Night
Fever, Chicago and We Will Rock You, Michael Brenner was at the same time inspired by an irrepressible joy at discovering innovative show formats and led him for instance to market an exceptional performance by STOMP or to establish and produce the Harlem Gospel Singers. Thus he delighted audiences with numerous shows from all cultures around the world, each unique in itself, under the seal of BB Promotion.

The inspiration and major source of Michael Brenner’s creative enthusiasm were his numerous encounters with wonderful artists such as, to name but a few, Gospel star Queen Esther Marrow, incomparable Marcel Marceau, ballet icons Mikhail Baryshnikov and Rudolf Nureyev, the rock giants QUEEN with Brian May and Roger Taylor or the charismatic Judith Jamison and, not least, his extraordinary friendship with his mentor Paul Szilard, the great dance producer and impresario. Kindred spirit, as Michael Brenner shared his enthusiasm for the universal language of dance and the ballet world, Paul Szilard played a decisive role in Brenner’s continuous audacity to bring celebrated dance companies such as the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater or the Martha Graham Dance Company to Europe and to impress a wider audience. And there are more than a few dance companies of international standing that boast to have been under the aegis of Michael Brenner, proud to have entrusted him as their impresario.

That artistic intuition, technical know-how and the courage to invest in international touring business produces diamonds can be gauged by first-class productions such as Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show or and the award-winning West Side Story with performances in the best theatres in Europe, Asia and Australia and sold-out shows in Israel: expensive, electrifying productions put together by carefully selected creative teams guarantee the wholehearted approval of critics and audiences alike. This is proved by guest appearances, for example, at London’s Sadler’s Wells or at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris where West Side Story in the original choreography of Jerome Robbins reached the top against all competition, including the highly subsidized musical theatre or the market-leading musical entertainment.

As a leading promoter of major concerts in South-West Germany, Michael Brenner’s agency presented among others Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Queen, Sting, The Rolling Stones and many more.

Under Michael Brenner’s leadership, BB Group, with 100 staff and its headquarters in Mannheim, became one of the leading companies in the high-quality live entertainment sector. This is the life work of a visionary.

The Company Dancers

Yeleny Aguirre CamachoDancer

Yeleny graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Arte in 2003 as a modern, contemporary and Cuban folklore dancer. She has toured Europe as a part of a cultural exchange with the Company of Santiago Alfonso and Habana Con Paz amongst others. She has worked for nine years under the direction of Christy Dominguez in the Cuban TV ballet company. Recently she joined the cast of the hit show Kings of Salsa and toured Denmark, Thailand, Turkey and the United States in 2011.

Heidy Batista GarcíaDancer

Trained as a classic ballerina, Heidy graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Ballet in 2004 and joined Danza Contemporánea de Cuba, where she soon became first dancer.
With Danza Contemporanea she performed in such famous theaters like Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London, Teatro Real de Madrid, Joyce Theater in New York, Auditorio Nacional de Mexico, and Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona, to name only a few. She has worked with important choreographers such as Mats Ek, Rafael Bonachela, Itzik Galili, Pedro Ruiz, Juan Kruz, and George Céspedes.
Heidy also teaches classic ballet and Cuban modern dance. Just recently, she concluded her studies at the Escuela Nacional de Arte graduating with a BA in Dance Arts.

Yasim Coronado VeranesDancer

Yasim Coronado Veranes graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Arte in 2008. Shortly after his graduation, he joined the TV Ballet Company and in 2009, Yasim auditioned and was preselected by the Cirque du Soleil. While working with PMM Company, he toured Italy in 2010 and danced as corps in live concerts of artists like Gilberto Santa Rosa, La India, and Don Omar. In 2012, he worked as a dancer and choreographer for the Gran Circo Nock. Yasim was recently promoted as a soloist dancer and was a dancer and choreographer for the TV Ballet and the PMM company.

Leydi Marlen Crespo CastilloDancer

Leydi Marlen Crespo Castillo graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Ballet in 2011 and was immediately recruited by the Ballet Nacional de Cuba performing in several pieces such as The Nutcracker, Snow Flakes, Swan Lake, Courtesan, Coppelia, Paquita, and Don Quixote.
In 2012, she joined the TV Ballet Company, where she became a soloist. With this company, she danced in several TV shows, anniversary celebrations, and inaugural activities.

Jesús Elías AlemenaresDancer

Jesús graduated in 2006 as a dance teacher from the Escuela Nacional de Ballet and then joined the Ballet de Santiago Company performing classic and contemporary pieces such as Don Quixote, Diana and Acteon, Le Corsaire, The Slave Girl and the Merchant, among others. In 2007, he won the Best Male Performer Award in the ”Yavorsky in Memoriam” competition held in Santiago de Cuba and was invited to perform at the anniversary celebrations for the Ballet de Cámara de Holguín and Ballet de Camagüey. Jesús was the Principal Soloist in a choreography by José Antonio Chávez with the Ballet de Santiago Company, in 2009. In 2011, Jesús joined Ballet Revolución.

Wuilleys Estacholi SilveiraDancer

After completing his studies as a modern and folk dance teacher in 1998, Wuilleys Estacholi Silveira joined the Danza Contemporánea de Cuba company where he quickly became a soloist. Here he had the opportunity to train with renowned artists such as Isidro Rolando, Miguel Iglesias, Keneth Kvamström, Mats Ek and many more classical and modern dance stars. Furthermore, he was able to expand and perfect his skills in neoclassical, Cuban Popular, Afro- Cuban folklore and impro dance under renowned teachers. Wuilleys Estacholi Silveira has worked with numerous internationally acclaimed choreographers and teachers and is already well-known in famous theatres and many festivals such as the Theater La Fenice in Venice where he starred in Aida, at the Inrenational NRW Dance Festival, the Netherlands Dance Festival, the Italica International Dance Festival in Seville, the CINTRA Festival in Portugal and many more. In addition, Wuilleys worked in music videos by artists such as Simply Red and The Zutons. His dance virtuosity and skills did not go unnoticed and in 2010 he was awarded the Ramiro Guerra Performance Award of the UNEAC, the Cuban Artists Federation, and the award for the best performer of the Federation in 2011.

Yanier Gómez NodaDancer

Born in Havana in 1989, Yanier Gómez Noda graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Ballet and after which he joined the Ballet Nacional de Cuba in 2008 under the technical and artistic direction of Alicia Alonso. In subsequent years he became a soloist, first soloist, and even principal dancer in 2013.
Yanier has toured Brazil, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, the U.S.A, and many other countries, engaging on special performances with The Canadian Ballet Young Ensemble and at the International Ballet Festival in Cali, Colombia.
During his time at the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, he was considered one of the most valuable young talents. His repertoire includes Prince Siegfried in Swan Lake, Prince Gustav in Cinderella, the pas de deux in the 3rd act of Sleeping Beauty, the pas de deux in the 2nd act of Giselle, Alain in La Fille mal gardeè, Oberon in The Magic Flute, among many other classics.

Ariel Himeliz MejicaDancer

As a young talented classical ballet dancer who recently graduated from ENA, Ariel started attending international contests and school exchanges at an early age. It was his participation in these competitions that led him to dance at the International Contemporary Dance Festival in France and as a guest of the Ballet School of Mexico. He reached third place in an international ballet contest held in Havana with the pas de deux Llamas de Paris and Talismán and he participated in the ballet festival of Calabria and Ballet Joven in Lima. He was trained by famous dancers such as Carlos Acosta, Svetlana Ballester, Alberto Terrero, Lieng Chang, Octavio Martín, Julio Arrozarena, and Victor Ukate. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Ballet Laura Alonso Company where he danced Dracula and The Nutcracker.

Mosés León NoriegaDancer

Born in Havana, Moisés started ballet studies at Escuela Elemental de Ballet Alejo Carpentier and graduated from the Escuela Nacional the Ballet in 2011. During his final year of studies he performed with the Ballet Laura Alonso Company. As a young talented dancer, Moisés attended the 10th and 11th Ballet Academy Competitions held in Havana where he won the Silver Medal. In 2010, he performed at the Cordoba Ballet Festival in Mexico and at the Cape Town Ballet Competition in South Africa. Moises’s repertoire includes the Sleeping Beauty, Paquita, Snow, Nutcracker, Colin, La fille mal gardée, Pas de Deux of the Slave Girl and the Merchant, Le Corsaire, Grand Pas, Paquita and a ballet solo of Bob Fosse.

Danilo Machado MenesesDancer

Danilo graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Arte, joined Danza Contemporánea de Cuba and participated in several workshops and tours in and outside Cuba. He then joined Danza del Alma, working with the group for three years and then moved to Espectáculos Musicales, a show company providing services to the tourism industry.

Yuniet Meseses SolísDancer

In 2001, Yuniet graduated from Escuela Nacional de Arte and passed with distinction in contemporary, folkloric and modern dance. His fi rst love of contemporary dance took him to one of Cuba’s best companies, the Codanza and Danza del Alma, where he became the lead contemporary dancer in 2003 and choreographed many pieces to great acclaim. As a member of Danza del Alma, he received two awards as best male performer in the international »Solamente Solos« contest in Holguín, Cuba. With his great love of music and Cuban rhythms, he played as percussionist in the Arter Ego band. He then worked with Corpus Espiritu Alma Company, led by Tangin Fong, and then joined Sonlar, working as a lead dancer and percussionist, touring France, Spain, and Portugal. In 2004, he joined Havana Night Show for a year. Since 2008, he has also been a member of the Cuban TV ballet company where he was also promoted to soloist dancer in 2010. Since 2010, he has been part of The Kings of Salsa cast, touring Norway, Finland, the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Portugal, Denmark, and Thailand.

Yasser Pajares RojasDancer

Yasser Pajares Rojas graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Ballet in 2000 and then joined the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, performing as a soloist in Don Quixote, Swan Lake and Carmen, which toured the US, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Italy, and China. He also performed at the international ballet festival in Havana in 2000, 2002, and 2004, before joining the Cuban Television Ballet as a soloist in 2006. Since then he has toured extensively with many productions.

Barbara Lissandra Patterson SánchezDancer

Barbara Patterson Sánchez studied at the Escuela Vocacional de Arte in Holguí and the Escuela Nacional de Ballet, with which she participated in the Mazatlan Carnivals in Mexico. After her graduation, she joined the Ballet Nacional de Cuba Company for nearly two years, dancing all its repertoire and performing Nutcracker on a Canada tour. She also performed at the 21st Havana Ballet Festival.

Alejandro Pérez FernandezDancer

Alejandro graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Arte as a dancer, majoring in folklore and contemporary dance. He has worked with some renowned dance companies of the country like Conjunto Folclórico Nacional, Rakatán and Danzares. With Danzares, he took part in the Danzón Festival in Italy in 2009 and the Latin-American Salsa Festival in 2009 and 2010. In 2010, he toured Switzerland and Italy.

Lianett Rodriguez GonzalezDancer

Lianett is a modern, contemporary and folklore dancer and dance teacher who graduated from ENA topof his class in 2005. Lianett has toured Italy as part of a folk dance exchange and the Netherlands for a contemporary dance exchange. Lianett has taught the Cubadanza Summer Course in Havana and worked with internationally renowned choreographers such as Ana Laguna, Max Ek, Kathy Marston, Rafael Bonachela, Jan Linkens. Lianett toured with the company to Venice for the inauguration of La Fenice Theatre, Hungary for the Sziget Festival in 2008, as lead soloist for The Kings of Salsa 2009/10 in Germany, Thailand, Denmark, Portugal, Finland and Russia and featured as a dance soloist at the Cuban TV awards in 2010.

Yasset Roldan GarciarenaDancer

Yasset was born in Havana on March 1, 1992. When he was four years old, he joined the Tony Menéndez Theater and Dance Workshop School and, at the age of ten, attended the Escuela Elemental de Ballet Alejo Carpentier, finishing the elementary level Cum Laude. He then joined the Escuela Nacional de Ballet attending national and international events and contests winning different prizes such as one bronze and two gold medals in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Still a student, he was asked to join the Mzansi Production Company from South Africa to perform as a soloist in Somebody to Love and Celebration. He also danced with the Royal Ballet of London in a Manon show in Cuba. Additionally, he has danced classic and contemporary ballets such as The Legend of the Kiss, The Magic Flute, Coppelia, Paquita, Nutcracker, Don Quixote, and Danzón Barroco, among others. For a short period, he joined the Ballet Laura Alonso and, after graduation, he started working with the TV ballet company.

Jenny Sosa MartinezDancer

Jenny graduated Cum Laude from the Escuela Nacional de Ballet in 2005. While studying, she participated in several international ballet competitions. In 2005, she joined the Ballet de Camagüey company and, in 2006, she joined the Ballet Laura Alonso where she was promoted to lead dancer and performed in The Sylphides, Coppelia, Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Don Quixote, and Dracula, among other ballets. She has also performed modern and neoclassical pieces such as Big Spender, Bandoneón, Muñecos, and Majísimo. In 2001, Jenny was ranked third in the Joenville Festival in Brazil, performing the Pas de Deux Don Quixote and is currently the lead soloist prima ballerina in the Ballet Laura Alonso Company in Havana.

Ledian Soto RodriguezDancer

Ledian Soto Rodriguez graduated as a ballet dancer from the Escuela Nacional de Arte in 2006. He then joined the Ballet de Camagüey company were he was promoted to lead soloist and performed a classic repertoire including Giselle, Carmen, Swan Lake, Paquita, and La fille mal gardée. During those seven years in the Ballet de Camaguey, Ledian toured France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Colombia, and Nicaragua. In 2012, he was awarded the Espejo de Paciencia prize, which is the highest cultural distinction in the province of Camagüey.

Nadiezhda Valdes CarbonellDancer

Born on July 14, 1984 in the city of Havana, Nadiezhda Valdes Carbonell wanted to become an athlete and started with rhythmic gymnastics at the age of five. In 1996 however, she changed her mind and decided to begin a career as a dancer. In 2002, she graduated from the ENA as a dancer and modern, contemporary and folk dance teacher. Later, she joined the Danzer Contemporánea de Cuba as a prima ballerina for six consecutive years and participated in workshops with Spanish Rafael Bonachela, Ana Laguna, Mats Ek, and Anastasia Lyra, among others, as well as galas, festivals, national and international tours. She has performed in major theaters such as the Peacock and Sadler‘s Wells in London, Sydney Opera House, and the Theater Carré in Amsterdam. She joined the company Rakatán and is now part of Ballet Revolución.

Isis Amanda Schery RamirezBallet Professor

Isis Amanda Schery Ramirez graduated as a ballerina and ballet professor from the Escuela Nacional de Arte in 1971. After graduation, she joined the Ballet Nacional de Cuba under the direction of Alicia and Fernando Alonso. She danced the most famous international classics and contemporary pieces in Cuba and worldwide.

After 25 years on stage she retired and started to teach at the Escuela Nacional die Arte and the Prodanza Company.

She worked as a Maitre at the TV Ballet Company and worked in collaboration with Ballet Español de Cuba as a director and Maitre.

She worked for the PamStudio Academy of Ecuador as a choreographer for six years before joining Ballet Revolución in 2013.


Marcos Alonso BritoGuitars

Marcos Alonso Brito studied electric guitar at the Escuela Nacional de Arte in Havana and graduated in 1999. He started his professional career in 2000, as a member of Afrocuba, a group which is famous throughout his native Cuba and internationally. Marcos joined the renowned band Carlos Manuel and His Clan in 2001 and stayed with that band after they changed their name to The Clan, under the direction of the pianist Pedro Camacho. He has been a member of the orchestra Gardi, the group Sugar Band and has accompanied the singer Leonie Torres. Marcos is in high demand as a studio guitarist and was featured as ‘Andi Montanes’ on Cuban and international recordings, many of which have earned Grammy Latino Awards. Furthermore, he is an accomplished composer and arranger. Marcos was lead guitarist for the shows Lady Salsa and The Kings of Salsa and is a valued member of the touring band for Ballet Revolución. When he is not touring, Marcos is the Musical Director for Adrian Berazain in Havana.

Michael Fernández RegaBass

Michael Fernández Rega is a graduate from the Escuela Nacional de Arte and has played with such popular Cuban musicians like Elmer Ferrer, Diana Fuentes, Haydee Milanes, David Torrens, Kelvis Ochoa, and Leoni Torres. In 2012, he played alongside Pucho López, Horacio Changuito and other musicians on one of Zucchero’s records, which was produced by Don Was, a famous American producer of bands such as The Rolling Stones, John Mayer, and many more.
Michael toured the United Kingdom and several European and Asian countries with the shows Lady Salsa and The Kings of Salsa.

Carlos Gaytan NovoaPiano and Keyboards

Carlos Gaytan Novoa is a pianist, composer, arranger and programmer of Cuban-Argentine descent, a graduate of the Amadeo Roldan Conservatory. Carlos is a highly regarded musician in his native Cuba and his talent has taken him all over the world, including tours throughout the Caribbean, Europe, South America, China and the Middle East. He has collaborated with various artists, producers and bands in many different styles of music which has resulted in the production of CDs such as Romance for Tots, The Friends Festival in the Havana or A Tribute to Noel Nicola, film soundtracks like A King In Havana or Magic Light and Shadow, the documentary Cuban Painters and the ballet Yarini. Some of the artists with whom Carlos has collaborated include Frank Dominguez, Kiki Corona, Luis Tellez, and the founder of Afro-Cuban All Stars, Juan de Marcos Gonzalez. Carlos was on tour with The Kings of Salsa and has already been a member of the band for the Australian tour and the German premiere of Ballet Revolución.

Thommy Garcia RojasTrumpeter

Thommy Garcia Rojas graduated from the Conservatorio Amadeo Roldán in 2000. In 2003, Thommy was hand-picked to take part in The Afro-Cuban All Stars and The Buena Vista Social Club, and was a member of the band for the recording of the CDs Bajando Gervasio and Step Forward, nominated for a Grammy Award and a Grammy Latino Award, respectively. In 2007, Thommy played with Chucho Valdes, recording a CD with singer and entertainer Charles Aznavour. Since 2008, he has been a part of the project Rhythms del Mundo, working with artists and groups such as Sting, U2, The Rolling Stones, and Coldplay. Thommy is an outstanding trumpeter and is held in great esteem in his home Cuba.

Rayhner Lasserie EchgoyDrums

Since graduating from the Escuela Nacional de Arte in Havana in 1999, Rayhner Lasserie Echgoy has been in high demand as a drummer and percussionist in his native Cuba. He won first prize in the category drums at La Festa del Tambor in 2002 and was engaged for four consecutive years (2005 to 2008), working with numerous artists at the International Jazz Plaza Festival. In 2006, he also played at the Eivissa Jazz Festival in Balvard, Santa Lucia. He has recorded CDs with many artists such as Dayron y el Boom, Israel Hernandez and Juan Jose Arguilles as well as Sunlightsquare Latin Combo. He has performed with artists such as Rolando Luna, Emilio Morales, Jose Luis Quintana, and Tomas Ramos Ortiz, to name but a few. Rayhner, who is the grandson of one of the greatest Cuban voices of the 1970s, Rolando Lasserie, has been the drummer for many touring productions including Havana Rakatan, The Kings of Salsa and for the Australian tour of Ballet Revolución.

Luis Palacios GalvezCongas and Percussion

Luis Palacios Galvez graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Arte in 1998 and joined the band Carlos Manuel and His Clan, touring Italy, Denmark, USA, Jamaica, Peru, and Mexico. He has played and toured with popular Cuban bands like Bony and Kelly, Julien Oviedo and His Live Wave, and Gente de Zona. In 2008, Luis Palacios Galvez became a member of the band of The Kings of Salsa, which successfully toured throughout Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Russia, USA, and Germany. When he is not on tour, he is the Musical Director for the band JG.

Weston ForsterMale Vocalist

London born Weston Foster began his career as a drummer and singer. Weston was heavily involved in the London Brit-Funk scene back in ‘the day’ and worked with many visiting artists such as Randy Crawford, Womack & Womack, Sister Sledge, and Jimmy Ruffin to name just a few. In the mid 1990s he gave up playing the drums to become a session singer. Weston’s voice may be heard on TV & radio commercials as well as on tracks from pop artists such as the Pet Shop Boys, Matt Bianco, Supergrass, Joey Negro and Heather Small. As Weston has said about being part of Ballet Revolución: “Working with such a wonderfully talented ensemble has reenergized me. You cannot be half hearted around these guys. They give 100% at every performance, and so do I.”

Noybel Gorgoy ReyesFemale Vocalist

Noybel Gorgoy Reyes grew up listening to music and developing in arts thanks to her musician dad Noel Gorgoy. Her studies took her to the city of Havana, where she studied at the Escuela Nacional de Arte. The curriculum ventured deeper into theory of music, harmony, voice training, and classical singing. At the age of 20, she was part of the Cuban show Lady Salsa. At the age of 21, Noybel became a part of the cast of the show Havana Night Club. Until today, she has continued to work in the music industry with many of the top bands and musicians in Las Vegas. As a special guest and headliner in different situations she has performed with the amazing gypsy jazz band Hot Club of Las Vegas at the House Of Blues in Las Vegas, at an event with William Close for America's Got Talent live in Las Vegas, a gala with the President of the United States Barack Obama in Las Vegas, and red carpet events for several movies. She was also part of the Latin Grammy Awards Ceremonies in 2009 and 2010. As a songwriter and singer, Noybel is featured on the newest record of Michito Sanchez y su Salsa Orquestra with the song "Let Me Be the One". She also had the opportunity of working with the techno music band Soul in the Machine from Los Angeles, recording and co-writing the singles "I am Going Home" and "Like the Ocean." She also had the delight of sharing the stage with the Spanish Billboard Award winner Alvaro Torres, one of the top songwriters and singer of the Latin Music Industry, who called Noybel a true star. She is open and excited about what music and life has to give.


“Irresistable Cuban cocktail of ferocious sensuality.”
The Australian

“Unbridled energy, passion, athleticism and infectious joy!”
Sunday Telegraph

“A sensational live band!”
“The dancers’ indisputable passion for their art form is irresistible.”
The West Australian


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